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Annual Community Appreciation Bash !!!!

Join us this year on our annual community bash appreciation!!!! Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) a celebration of life and legacy to those who are no longer with us. Live music, Children’s activities, Mexican cuisine.

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Mexican Food & The American Dream

Written by The Utah Foodie Jorge Fierro has an incredible story. He left university in Chihuahua, Mexico in his early twenties to start a new life chapter in the United States, despite his parents’ desire to have him complete his studies at law school to become an attorney. When he arrived in America, he spent his […]

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Jorge Fierro, owner of Frida Bistro and Rico Brands

We all have a story, and America loves stories — stories of success, humbleness, working hard.  I am the epitome of the American dream.  It doesn’t mean I’m a rich guy, on the contrary, it means that the more I have, the more humble I become.   As a 30 year resident of Utah, Jorge […]

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Rico Owner Knows Beans About Business

by Richard Markosian How Jorge Fierro emigrated illegally to the United States, then overcame all odds to realize his dream of building a successful business. Jorge Fierro came alone, illegally to the United States with the dream to start his own business. Residents might consider this dream laughable, especially coming from a non-English speaking Mexican kid […]