Traditional Mexican Meals


Handmade flour tortillas are filled with your choice of: Beef, Chicken, Chicken Fajita, Chicken Mole, Chile Verde, Cochinita Pibil (Pork in orange achiote sauce), Pork, Portobello, Vegan Chile Verde, or Vegan Mole.
Carne Asada, Shredded Beef, Chicken, Chicken Fajitas, Chicken Mole Negro, Chicken Mole Poblano, Chile Verde, El Pastor, Shredded Pork, Pork in Achiote (Pork marinated in an orange achiote sauce), Pork Carnitas, Portobello, Vegan Chile Verde and Vegan Mole.

Smothered Burritos

Any of our choice of Burritos mentioned above, smothered in your choice of one of our rich sauces: Achiote Sauce, Enchilada Sauce, Mole Poblano or Mole Negro, Roasted Mellow Salsa or Tomatillo Salsa, or Chile Verde sauce that can be made vegan or vegetarian.
Burrito Fillings can include most of the fillings mentioned above. Some exclusions apply.


Your choice of Beef, Chicken, Cheese, Pork, Sweet Corn, Vegetable, or Vegan Wheat Meat with Corn.

Banana Leaf Tamales

Your choice of Artichoke, Asparagus, and Ranchero Cheese.

Specialty Tamales

Duck with Pineapple, Lamb, Shrimp with Chipotle Masa, and Turkey Mole. 


Fresh Pasilla or Poblano peppers roasted and served with a tomato-based sauce that can be made vegan or vegetarian served with Mexican Crema. Beef, Cheese, Chicken, Seafood, or Vegetable Filling.

Tostada Salad

Includes tostada, mixture of lettuce, cabbage, and corn and choice of one topping: Beef, Carne Asada, Chicken, Chicken Fajitas, Cochinita Pibil (Pork in orange achiote sauce), Pork, or Portobello Toppings.


Made with white corn tortillas, topped with queso fresco and made with choice of filling and sauce: Beef, Cheese, Chicken, Portobello, Seafood, or Vegetables and choice of one sauce: Enchilada Sauce, Roasted Salsa or Tomatillo Salsa, or Mole Poblano or Mole Negro sauce that can be made vegan or vegetarian.

Authentic Tacos

Made with Handmade Corn Tortillas choice of fillings and condiments. Fillings include: Cabbage, Pico de Gallo, and your coice of one filling: Beef, Carne Asada, Carnitas, Chicken, Cochinita Pibil (Pork in orange achiote sauce), El Pastor, Fish en Achiote, Pork or Portobello and one sauce: Olive Salsa, Roasted Mellow/Loco Salsa, Roasted tomato, Salsa Dorada, Tomatillo salsa.
Condiments include: Cabbage and Choice of one Salsa per 25 guests.

Additional items: Items that can be added to compliment your meal include but are not limited to the following: Additional Salsas, Guacamole, Chile or Chipotle con Crema, Mango Salsa, a Green Salad with Jicama, Corn and Choice of Dressing, Additional Condiments and/or an Appetizer. Please see the Appetizer Section for more great ideas.

One choice of filling/sauce per main item per 25 guests. Please keep in mind the more choices you provide, the more food your guests are likely to take. Additional charges apply per choice of filling/sauce per item.

Combination meals are also available. Please contact our Catering Director for advice on amounts of food to serve and/or available combinations.

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